Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Anti-Poverty Act 1 : APA 1

Hi Frenz!!!
Thanks for ur patience...Let us start the APA[Anti-Poverty Act(ion)]
by the may month of this year..
♥ Beggary Survey:A Survey to count the number of beggars in each and every place(i.e., street/city/district/states)of our country...
♥ Count the no. of beggars in the following categories(children/old people/handicaps/healthy&young)
♥ while taking the survey,we should spread the awareness of poverty among the people over there and gather more volunteers
♥ Admit the old aged beggars in old aged ppl homes or unite them with their children
♥ Admit the orphans in orphanages...Spread the Awareness about FREE EDUCATION to the children(beggars & their parents)...
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I care for my nation!!I care for Indians!! ♥